Gastroenterology and Hepatology unit is an integral subspeciality of the Department of Medicine in CMC which was started at the end of 2017. Since then this unit has been providing its services in its field with hand in hand co-ordination with other sub-specialties in the Department, and other Departments. This unit has been providing the care in the wide range of diseases of GI tract, liver, biliary tract and pancreas, and has been a referral centre for many hospitals and health workers from east to west of Nepal. We further aim to make our unit centre of excellence its field. 


Our endoscope suite is fully equipped with latest endoscope, colonoscope, duodenoscope, EUS, DBE and fibroscan. We have dedicated endoscope nurses who are available 24x7 for routine and emergency life saving endoscopic procedures.

Recently we started liver transplant service in coordination with Hepatobiliary Surgery wing, team led by Dr. Sanjay Yadav. So far 5 successful LDLT has been done.


Gastroenterology and Hepatology unit has been running outpatient services every Sunday through Friday from 800 am to 4 pm where we provide GI and Liver consultations. We have two outpatients clinics running simultaneously every day. Our outpatient attendance remains 40-80 per day, where our patients get complete and comprehensive services mostly on the same day, for this we are grateful to our supportive departments like Radiology, Biochemistry and Pathology wings. 

We also provide Emergency services through our Emergency Department by immediate consultations and emergency endoscopic services

We have dedicated 18 beds inpatient services along with intensive care unit and high dependency unit for needful patients. 

We provide everyday diagnostic and therapeutic upper and lower GI endoscopies, Fibroscan, and advance endoscopies including EUS.


Dr. Barun Shrestha

Associate Professor

Dr. Sagar Poudyal

Associate Professor


Ongoing Research

We are conduction research on outcome endoscopic retrieval of foreign bodies in GI tract, outcome of glue therapy in Fundal variceal bleeding. We are assisting for few researches done by other wing of the hospital.